The best Himalayan Adventure 2021 Summer Trek 8 in Uttarakhand.


The best Himalayan Adventure 2021 Summer Trek 8 in Uttarakhand.

As we all know, all of our ambitions and travels have been robbed of Coronavirus by 2020. So now we are all focused on 2021 where we expect a number of adventure prospects to knock on our doorstep. The Himalayan region, like Uttarakhand, offers practically every tour in the state the ultimate option for adventuring in India with the coming of the summer season. We, therefore, look forward to 2021 and see what experiences it takes!
The Uttarakhand summer season lasts from March to the middle of June. You
can even plan a hike to some of Kedarnath's most renowned destinations or popular treks like Chopta Chandrashila or other lesser-known treks like Panwali Kantha. That is why you have time to take advantage of this
adventurous situation in the next 2021 trekking season.
Summer Season Best Treks in Uttarakhand

  • Chopta Chandrashila Trek

In order to return to Chopta Camp before dark, trekking should commence

early in the morning. It is reachable by Tungnath Shrine, the tallest temple
Shiva in the world, Chandrashila, the pinnacle of the climb. There is a well-
paved but steep path to Tungnath with 11 scissor bends, which can be done;
the trekking track is difficult from the temple to Chandrashila and takes a certain degree of fitness.
Above the summit is another Shiva Temple, allegedly built by Lord Rama to repent because he killed Ravana. Chopta Chandrashila is a tough trip, with the most amazing Himalayan views.

  • Har Ki Dun Trek

They say that it is the 'Stairway to the Himmel' for Har Ki Dun Trek. Indeed, it
is true that this is the lovely nature path to Swargarohini Peak, which was followed by Pandavas. The Har Ki Dun is the best summer walk in the Himalayas of Uttarakhand between March and June, off-beat, less-pressed, and very picturesque.
It is a cage-shaped valley, on the trekking route on the Supin River, where wild animals like black bears and swamp deer can be crossed. Himalayan Monal is probably seen on this tour from Sankri, a pretty small village, a wide range of avifauna, including Uttarakhand’s State bird.

  • Nanda Devi Base Camp Trek

Nanda Devi is considered one of the world's most magnificent mountains and so its base camp has to be one of Uttarakhand's leading treks. During this walk, which begins in the Upper Kumaon region of the state, the twins of the Nanda Devi Mountain can be reached as visits to the Nanda Devi Inside the shrine is closed, which would otherwise have provided the closest meeting of these second-highest mountains in India.
It will last fourteen roaring days in order to gain a gratifying view of a beautiful and surreal area in Utarakhand. Nanda Devi East Based Camp is a challenging walk and is therefore for seasoned trekkers.

  • Gangotri – Gaumukh Trek

What could be more interesting than the origin of India's most holy river, the
Ganga? There are plenty of additional reasons you would fall in love with this
walk. Gangotri – Gaumukh Trek is a reason enough. Beginning in one of Uttarakhand's most prominent holy places, Gangotri, the hikers offer surreal vistas of Himalayan summits such as Mt. Shivling (6543
m), Mt. Meru (6660 m), and Sudarshan Parbat (6507m).

  •  Roopkund Trek

Roopkund Trek is one of the greatest hiking locations in Uttarakhand. Tucked
away in Uttarakhand's pristine and less visited section, Roopkund Lake is a
spot to be planned if you're an adventure fan. You have the opportunity to cross the lovely wet waters of Ali and Bedni and the roaring, shining rivers only to discover the pristine lake surrounded by 300 human remains. Well, apart from its secluded setting and its picturesque yet retrograde walking track, the city of Roopkund is actually famed for its strange human remains.

  •  Kuari Pass Trek

Kuari Pass in Uttarakhand, considered one of the best treks for beginners, brings one along an ancient woods path to a meadow, cuts and goes through the forest of oaks and rhododendrons. From Guling, you cross regions with spectacular vistas of the Himalayan peaks. The magnificent Nanda Devi (7816 m) and Dermatitis Mountains (7066 m), Hathi Peak (6727 m), and Ghoda Peak can be enjoyed along the way. The
360-degree vista of the Himalayan peaks, such as Chaukhamba, Neelkanth, and Nilgiri, await you from the ridge (on Lord Curzon's Trail) you reach after you have climbed to Khullar.

  • Mt Shivling Trek

Mt Shivling Trek is about the same as Gaumukh Tapovan Trek. And through
this walk, one may expect to be astonished by the bizarre beauty of nature. This Uttarakhand excursion is the chance to see one of the Indian Himalayan mountains, from the bottom down to the top. The walk for Mt. Shivling started at Gangotri, a revered religious place, and sometimes passed through the pine forests. The trekking path to Mt. You can also cross the gorgeous Tapovan wilderness which extends far and wide and is the finest campsite for your excursion.

  • Auden’s Col Trek

A technical hike that involves walking on glaciers and using ropes from time to
time, the Auden's Col is a seasonal walk that needs two weeks to do. This mountain pass connects Gangotri Valley and Uttarakhand's Kedar Valley and is called the holy trek of the most courageous. Auden's Col Trek begins at Gangotri and goes through a deep dark pine and birch wood from where the sightings of Join and Kedartal Range can be enjoyed from time to time. When you approach the infamous Khatling Glacier, the trek becomes difficult.

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