Coffee Beans from Brazil: Different Varieties for the Entire World

As you might know, Brazil is the largest producer and exporter of coffee beans in the world. That's why it is known as "the king of coffee producers" for over 150 years. However, the country has put in a lot of effort to maintain its title. Whether it required new techniques or research, the country did everything to boost its coffee production.

Coffee production requires much research and development to improve the quality and yield. That's why the Brazilian biologists and researchers did a lot of study and research to grow the best quality and high-yielding variety. They have studied the best coffee varieties by growing them in different regions within the country. In addition to that, they have also tried breeding hybrids and propagating natural mutations.
In Brazil, it is really common for farms to grow multiple varieties of coffee, separating the varieties by sections within the farm. Therefore, it is true that the country grows several varieties of coffee beans. However, not all coffee kinds are grown in a single part of the country. They are grown in different regions within the country, like Central and South America.

  Brazilian coffee varieties have relatively low acidity and a nutty sweet flavor. The flavor varies from bittersweet to a chocolaty roast taste. That's why every variety of coffee beans from Brazil is quite popular in the entire world. The variation in the taste of the coffee is because they are grown in different regions with different climate conditions. Different blending ratios of these coffee varieties bring different tastes and flavors. This blending can bring out the creamy, rich notes characteristics of the coffee beans even more.

As per the information provided by the Brazil Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA) and the Coffee Research Consortium, there are several varieties of coffee beans across the country. We have listed some of the coffee varieties in this article. Moreover, we have mentioned some information about the coffee kind. You can refer to that and select the bean variety you prefer. So, let's get started!

Here are some of the popularly coffee varieties grown in Brazil are:

  • Acaiá

This coffee variety has a sweet fragrance with hints of chocolate, caramel, and nuts. As it cools down after roasting, it finishes with bright citrus and sweet tea-

  • Arara

This coffee variety is a comparatively new variety that caught people's attention.
It is high in demand because of its versatility, resistance to disease, and reputation for quality.

  • Red, Yellow, and Orange Bourbon

Bourbon coffee beans are popular for their deep, buttery chocolate flavors. In addition to that, they have sweetness and very light fruit overtones in their flavors.

  • Red Catuai

Red Catuai coffee is a mild to medium-bodied coffee that has a sweet finish with
a hint of cardamom.

  • Yellow Catuai

Yellow Catuai coffee beans have a moderate acidity yet a smooth texture.
Moreover, it has a slightly sweet flavor to it.

  • Red Icatu

This coffee bean variety has typical characteristics like low acidity, medium to full
body, sweet dark chocolate taste, and a hint of citric aroma.

  • Yellow Icatu

These coffee beans are great in offering an amazing coffee mouthfeel. It has a
rich smooth creamy texture with a caramel-like taste and rich floral overtones.

  • Mundo Novo

These coffee beans display sweet characteristics with low acidity and a thick mouthfeel. Plus, as their coffee plants are great for resisting disease, they are
planted closely.

  • Red and Yellow Obatã

This hybrid coffee variety can change the flavor to a mellow fruit within your cup. In addition to that, these coffee beans have amazingly balanced acidity.

  • Topazio

This coffee variety has sweetness and complexity with a caramel-like
smoothness in its flavor.


Coffee beans from Brazil
are a vital origin component and foundation for our blends.
So, whichever variety of coffee beans you prefer, you can enjoy the sweet characteristics with low acidity. In short, they can give just the flavor that coffee-lovers want in their coffee mug.

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