How does the internet change our lives?

Do you remember the world before internet, if so then you are definitely not a teenager, sadly not a single child in the world today who remembers?

 Nowadays many young people prefer to keep things private and not share them with their parents especially when it comes to relationships well believe it or not previously you did Not, to choose because there were no mobile phones or smartphones, you had to use the city phone shared by the whole family, so every time you wanted to talk to your girlfriend or boyfriend you had to politely say hello to his or her parents and ask them to call mike rose chad or lily to the phone. However, that's not even the worst scenario, not all parents rush to pass the phone instead they would often start asking questions about who why what and when or imagine if an old grandma who does not hear well answers the phone and you have to repeat yourself four to five times literally damn that would have been uncomfortable you can only imagine the level of awkwardness when the family members are not very fond of you.

Remembering phone numbers!

Let's get this straight. Most people don't have an excellent memory. Also an average person
can remember about seven digits. This may no longer be necessary because
there Smartphones are always on hand to write everything but people had to suffer a bit in the past, the phone number had to be written by hand in a special notebook or something because before mobile phones there was no such thing as contacts or speed dial and phone numbers had to be dialled by hand every time In case you didn't have something to write on you were left with no other choice than to memorize it yeah every number and if you confuse one number then you're out of luck to imagine a situation where you meet a girl that you're really into and finally after continued effort, she gives you her number but then you foolishly forget it this could totally happen especially if you're not in a very sober state.

Passing notes instead of messages

Now we're going to tell you something hilarious let's be honest you at least once sent messages in class to your friends and maybe even were actively chatting while your teacher explained the Pythagorean theorem maybe this is not the best thing to do but the worst thing that can happen is that your phone will be taken away from you for a little while, While this sounds awful to you, now let me tell you how it used to be in order to send messages before, you had to write them down on one piece paper and trust me in this scenario there are many things that can go wrong first of all you are much more likely to be noticed If you send a note through your classmates which is safer than throwing it across the whole room the most curious ones will definitely unfold and read it but that's not the worst part when the teacher noticed the note they confiscated it and read it in front of the whole class.

Imagine how humiliating and embarrassing it is when a teacher makes fun of you like Amy by reading something you wrote, where are we going today or this class sucks or what do you have for lunch today or something even more embarrassing than last one unfortunately is from personal experience.

Waiting for tv-shows

Before the internet and Netflix those who wanted to watch their favourite show had to wait and the main thing was not to miss the right time because it was impossible to record the broadcast in order to watch a new episode of game of thrones or the walking dead you had to prepare in advance and make sure to free yourself from other activities because the show was broadcast at a specific time and if you missed it it was not possible to catch up on recent episodes now this sounds particularly horrible for me since if I’m into something it is almost impossible for me to wait for updates that's why these days I usually watch series when they're completely out.

Requesting your favourite song on the radio

Now great information for desperate music lovers before youtube mp3 players and smartphones there was a radio that would play pretty similar styles of music but the problem was that to listen to your favourite song you had to call or even send letters to the station and order the song in advance After ordering people would excitedly wait for their favourite song okay let's admit that there is a charm in it but it didn't end there the radio also had another Very sweet purpose because sending and calling letters and postcards took a lot of time, cost a lot of money.

People frequently used to congratulate each other using radio and an additional bonus was that the whole country heard these congratulations and it almost felt like the whole country congratulated you imagine you're sitting at home minding your own business when you suddenly hear how someone immediately your favourite song starts playing just for you isn't that really cute and sweet

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