Niger Delta University (NDU) Non Academic Staff Recruitment 2024/2025


Are you looking for an exciting career opportunity in the education sector? Look no further than the Niger Delta University (NDU) Non Academic Staff Recruitment for the year 2024/2025. NDU is a prestigious institution renowned for its commitment to academic excellence and providing a conducive environment for students to thrive. Currently, the university is seeking qualified individuals to join its non-academic staff. In this article, we will provide all the necessary information you need to know about the recruitment process, eligibility criteria, vacant positions, and how to apply. Don't miss out on this chance to contribute to the growth and development of NDU!

Eligibility Criteria for Niger Delta University Non Academic Staff Recruitment

To be eligible for the Niger Delta University Non Academic Staff Recruitment, candidates must meet specific criteria. These include educational qualifications, nationality, and work experience. Let's take a closer look at each requirement:


The recruitment is open to individuals with different educational backgrounds. Whether you hold a Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSCE), Bachelor's degree (BSc), Master's degree (MSc), or even a Doctorate (PhD), you have a chance to join the non-academic staff at NDU. This inclusive approach allows the university to benefit from a diverse pool of talents and expertise.


Applicants must be Nigerian citizens to be considered for the recruitment. This requirement ensures that the university prioritizes the development and welfare of its local community.

Work Experience

While prior work experience is not mandatory for all positions, it can be an advantage during the selection process. If you have any relevant experience in the field, be sure to highlight it in your application. This demonstrates your commitment and ability to contribute effectively to the university's objectives.

Means of Identification for Niger Delta University Non Academic Staff Recruitment

To apply for the Niger Delta University Non Academic Staff Recruitment, candidates must provide adequate identification documentation. The following forms of identification are accepted:

  1. National Identification Number (NIN): The NIN is a unique identification number issued by the National Identity Management Commission. It serves as a reliable means of verifying an individual's identity and citizenship.

  2. Voter's Card: A voter's card is another acceptable form of identification. It not only confirms your Nigerian citizenship but also demonstrates your active participation in the democratic process.

  3. Driver's License: If you hold a valid Nigerian driver's license, it can be used as an identification document during the recruitment process. This document attests to your driving skills and further validates your citizenship.

Vacant Positions for Non Academic Staff at Niger Delta University and Their Requirements

NDU has several vacant positions in its non-academic staff department. These positions offer a range of opportunities for individuals with various skills and expertise. Some of the available positions include:

  1. Administrative Assistants

    • Requirements: Minimum of SSCE, proficiency in computer applications, excellent organizational skills, and ability to work effectively in a team.

  2. Human Resource Managers

    • Requirements: Bachelor's degree in Human Resource Management or a related field, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and a strong understanding of labor laws and regulations.

  3. IT Support Specialists

    • Requirements: Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related field, knowledge of troubleshooting computer systems, software, and networks, and ability to work proactively and independently.

  4. Library Assistants

    • Requirements: Minimum of SSCE, good knowledge of library operations, excellent organizational skills, and ability to work with minimal supervision.
      These are just a few examples of the positions available at NDU. The university encourages individuals with other skills and qualifications to apply as well, as there may be additional vacancies based on specific needs.

How to Apply for Niger Delta University Non Academic Staff Recruitment

To apply for the Niger Delta University Non Academic Staff Recruitment, follow these simple steps:

  1. Photocopy 30 copies of your educational credentials, including your O'Level certificate.

  2. Write a convincing application letter, highlighting your qualifications, skills, and enthusiasm to contribute to NDU.

  3. Address the application letter to the Registrar of Niger Delta University.

  4. Organize and submit your properly arranged curriculum vitae (CV) to the office of the Deputy Registrar of NDU before the application deadline.
    By following these steps, you ensure that your application is complete and reaches the appropriate authorities within the specified timeframe.

Job Application Deadline

The deadline for submitting applications for the Niger Delta University Non Academic Staff Recruitment is three weeks after the job advertisement is published. It is crucial to submit your application before the deadline to be considered for the position you desire.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I apply for multiple positions at Niger Delta University?

Yes, you can apply for multiple positions if you meet the requirements for each position. However, it is essential to tailor your application to each specific role to demonstrate your suitability effectively.

2. What happens after I submit my application?

After submitting your application, the selection committee reviews all received applications. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for further assessments, which may include interviews, aptitude tests, or practical assessments.


The Niger Delta University Non Academic Staff Recruitment is an excellent opportunity to join a prestigious institution and contribute to its growth and development. Make sure you meet the eligibility criteria, gather the necessary identification documents, and submit a well-prepared application before the deadline. By following the application process diligently, you maximize your chances of securing a position at NDU.

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