Gombe State University of Science and Technology (GSU) Non Academic Staff Recruitment 2024/2025


Gombe State University of Science and Technology (GSU) is a renowned educational institution located in Gombe, Nigeria. It is a public university that offers a wide range of academic programs and courses to students seeking quality education in various fields of study.

The university, established in 2004, has since become a hub of knowledge and excellence, attracting students and faculty members from all over Nigeria. With a vision to be a leading center of excellence for science and technology education, GSU is committed to producing competent graduates who can contribute to the development of the nation.

The Open Application for Non-Academic Staff Recruitment

GSU is currently inviting applications from qualified individuals for non-academic staff positions. This recruitment drive offers a unique opportunity for skilled professionals to join the university's workforce and contribute to its academic and administrative operations.

If you have the required qualifications and expertise, this is your chance to become a valuable member of the GSU community and contribute to the growth and success of the institution. Read on to learn more about the eligibility criteria and the vacant positions available for non-academic staff at GSU.

Eligibility Criteria for Gombe State University of Science and Technology Non-Academic Staff Recruitment

To be eligible for non-academic staff recruitment at GSU, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Education: Interested candidates must possess a minimum of SSCE, BSc, MSc, or PhD qualifications in relevant fields of study. A solid educational background is essential for ensuring a strong foundation in the required skills and knowledge.

  • Nationality: Only Nigerian citizens are eligible to apply for non-academic staff positions at GSU. This ensures that individuals with a deep understanding of the local culture and context have the opportunity to contribute to the university's growth.

  • Work Experience: Prior work experience in a relevant field is highly desirable. It showcases an applicant's practical knowledge and competence, ensuring they are well-equipped to handle the responsibilities associated with their desired role.

  • Means of Identification: Applicants are required to provide a valid means of identification, such as a National Identification Number (NiN), voter's card, or driver's license. This ensures the authenticity and credibility of the applicants' personal information.

  • Age: The age range for non-academic staff recruitment at GSU is between 18 years and 35 years. This ensures a fair and balanced selection process where individuals of different age groups have an equal opportunity to be considered.

List of  Vacant Positions for Non-Academic Staff at Gombe State University of Science and Technology

GSU has a diverse range of vacant positions available for non-academic staff. Below is a list of 15 such positions:

  • Administrative Officer

  • Accountant

  • Human Resources Officer

  • IT Technician

  • Librarian

  • Store Keeper

  • Laboratory Assistant

  • Security Officer

  • Driver

  • Cleaner

  • Electrician

  • Plumber

  • Gardener

  • Messenger

  • Carpenter

These positions offer a variety of opportunities for individuals with different skill sets and interests. Whether you have a background in administration, finance, information technology, or any other relevant field, GSU has a position to suit your expertise. See more details about the recruitment exercise here - Gombe State University of Science and Technology (GSU) portal 

How to Apply for Gombe State University of Science and Technology Non-Academic Staff Recruitment

To apply for a non-academic staff position at GSU, follow these steps:

  • Gather your credentials: Photocopy 30 copies of your educational certificates, including your O'Level certificate.

  • Write an application letter: Craft a convincing application letter expressing your interest in the desired position and highlighting your qualifications and experience.

  • Address the letter to the Registrar: Clearly mention the name and designation of the Registrar in your application letter.

  • Submit your application: Submit the properly arranged CV, application letter, and photocopies of your credentials to the office of the Deputy Registrar of Gombe State University of Science and Technology.

Note: It is crucial to submit your application before the specified deadline to ensure your eligibility for consideration.

Job Application Deadline

The deadline for non-academic staff recruitment at GSU is set at three weeks after the publication of the job vacancies. It is essential to keep track of the application timeline and submit your application well before the deadline to avoid any inconvenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any age relaxation for applicants above 35 years?

No, the maximum age limit for non-academic staff recruitment at GSU is set at 35 years. Individuals above this age are not eligible to apply.

What if I do not have prior work experience? Can I still apply?

While prior work experience is desirable, it is not mandatory for all positions. Some entry-level positions may not require work experience, making them suitable for fresh graduates or individuals with limited professional exposure.


Gombe State University of Science and Technology invites qualified individuals to apply for non-academic staff positions and contribute to the institution's growth and development. The open recruitment process ensures a fair and transparent selection procedure, allowing talented professionals to showcase their skills and expertise.

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