Offline Business Ideas In Nigeria 2023: Top 17 Most Lucrative

Offline Business Ideas In Nigeria

Offline Business Ideas in Nigeria: Now that almost all businesses have been digitalized, it is no new that people are now looking for ways to start a profitable business offline to serve customers who do not have or have limited access to the internet. Perhaps you don't have any knowledge of technology to put your business online and you are willing to start a profitable business, this can only be done by practicing what is known as "Offline Business" In this article, we are going to discuss extensively some offline Business ideas in Nigeria you can start as an individual or group.

As Nigeria continues to grow and develop, there is an increasing demand for offline businesses that cater to the needs of its growing population.

One of the good reasons you should start an offline Business in Nigeria is that it allows you to directly meet the need of your customer without having to involve other parties. Even thou some Business like delivery Business requires another party, most offline businesses does not.

Before talking about profitable offline Business ideas in Nigeria, let me quickly tell you what offline Business is all about.

What is an Offline Business and how is it done?

An offline Business is a type of business that is done locally without the use of the Internet. In short, when you practice offline Business, it means you have a physical shop/offices where you attend to customers to meet immediate needs.

Now that you have more knowledge about offline Business, let us discuss some of these Businesses you can start in Nigeria.

Offline Business Ideas

17 Most Lucrative Offline Business Ideas In Nigeria

1. Food Business: Nigerians love good food, and this presents a great opportunity for food entrepreneurs. You can start a food business by selling snacks, and baked goods, or even setting up a restaurant.

Food is so essential that no one should go a day without eating. This means that you can't run at a loss when you start a food business. You only need to be neat, dedicated, and ready to serve your customers on daily basis.

With the right recipes, affordable prices, and excellent customer service, you can attract and retain customers.

2. Fashion Designing: The Nigerian fashion industry is booming, and there is a high demand for stylish and trendy clothes. If you have a passion for fashion and can create unique designs, you can start a fashion design business. You can design and sew clothes for people and even start a clothing line.

A fashion designer needs you to have prior experience in the field. You can learn the trade and after which you will start your shop and start getting your customers.

3. Event Planning: Nigerians love to celebrate, and there are always events happening in Nigeria. If you have excellent organizational skills and can plan and execute events, you can start an event planning business. You can help people plan weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, and more.

To get gigs, you need to showcase yourself on social media and by word of mouth to tell people that you can help them plan their events.

4. Beauty and Spa Business: This is another offline business you can start in Nigeria. Nigerians love to look good, and there is a high demand for beauty and spa services.

You can start a beauty and spa business by providing services such as makeup, hairstyling, massages, and other beauty treatments.

Starting a Spa Business requires that you have a physical shop to attend to your customers.

5. Agriculture: Agriculture is an essential sector of the Nigerian economy, and there are many opportunities for farmers and agro-allied businesses. You can start a farm or set up a business that processes and sells agricultural products. You can specialize in crops like cassava, cocoa, maize, or poultry farming. Some other agricultural businesses you can start are Poultry farming, Goat Farming, and Snail farming business.

6. Education and Tutoring: Nigerians place a high value on education, and there is a high demand for quality education. You can start a business that provides educational services or tutoring for students. You can focus on a particular subject, such as mathematics, science, or English, or offer general education services. This is a good way to make money in Nigeria, especially during holidays.

7. Real Estate: Here comes the gold mine business in Nigeria. Real estate is a booming industry in Nigeria, and you can start a business that buys, sells, or rents out properties.

You can specialize in residential or commercial properties and provide services such as property management, leasing, and brokerage.

8. Photography and Videography: People love to capture memories and you can help them to achieve that offline. There is a high demand for photography and videography services here in Nigeria. You can start a business that provides photography and videography services for events such as weddings, birthdays, and other occasions.

Showcasing yourself on social media and linking up with social media influencers can help you get jobs easily in this field.

9. Cleaning Services: With the increasing demand for cleanliness and hygiene, you can start a cleaning services business. Some people don't have time to tidy up their rooms and environment after a hectic day at work, You can use this opportunity and offer services such as residential cleaning, office cleaning, or post-construction cleaning. This is another good way to earn money offline in Nigeria.

10. Transportation Services: If not the most, then transportation services are not far on the list of most lucrative offline businesses in Nigeria. With the increasing population and traffic congestion in Nigeria, there is a high demand for transportation services.

I can remember vividly when I was still Serving as a Youth corper in Enugu state, There is a transit that carries passengers to every part of the country and this company makes a lot of money daily. I assume this is because people cannot afford not to travel from one place to another on daily basis. So, You can start a business that provides transportation services such as taxis, buses, or logistics services.

11. Printing and Publishing: With the increasing need for print media, you can start a printing and publishing business. You can provide services such as digital printing, offset printing, and publishing of books, magazines, and other print materials.

12. Furniture and Interior Decoration: There is a high demand for home and office furniture and interior decoration, and many organizations and homes need their pieces of furniture repaired or replaced. You can start a furniture and interior decoration business in Nigeria. You can offer services such as custom-made furniture, interior design, and decoration to customers who need such services.

13. Security Services: With the increasing security challenges in Nigeria, People are looking for ways to secure lives and properties. You can start a business that provides security services such as CCTV installation, security guards, and alarm systems.

14. Sports and Fitness: Nigerians are becoming more health-conscious, and there is a growing demand for sports and fitness services. You can start a business that provides services such as fitness training, sports coaching, and the sale of sports equipment.

You can include a football viewing center where people can watch football matches with a little amount of money.

15. Pet Care: As pet ownership increases in Nigeria, there is a growing demand for pet care services. You can start a business that provides services such as pet grooming, pet sitting, and pet training as an offline business to make money in Nigeria.

16. Barbing Business: Another good offline Business idea is starting a barbing shop. It is in high demand in Nigeria as people often barb hair for occasions and important events. Somebody like me, I don't like to keep my hair so I need the service of a barber.

17. POS Business: There was a scarcity of money in Nigeria in early 2023. People were looking for ways to get cash to go about their daily activities because banks were not giving out cash due to the scarcity of the naira note. You can start POS Business in your community to help people get cash while you get commission doing that.


There are numerous offline business ideas in Nigeria that entrepreneurs can explore. Some of the ideas discussed in this article range from food, fashion designing, event planning, beauty and spa business, agriculture, education, real estate, photography and videography, cleaning services, transportation, printing and publishing, furniture and interior decoration, security services, sports and fitness, and pet care.

Starting any of these businesses requires proper research, planning, and execution to ensure success. Entrepreneurs must identify a profitable niche, understand their target audience, develop a unique selling proposition, and deliver high-quality services to their customers.

Also, offline business owners must leverage the power of digital marketing to increase their reach and attract more customers. While offline businesses may not be entirely immune to the impact of technology, they remain a vital part of the Nigerian economy, providing employment opportunities and improving the standard of living for many Nigerians.

I hope this article will be able to help you discover lucrative offline Business ideas in Nigeria.
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