14 Services To Render To Make Money In Nigeria

Services to render to make money in Nigeria

Services to render to make money in Nigeria: The key to the success of an entrepreneur is to learn and know how to solve people's immediate problems. Your ability to solve people's problems through service rendering will help you to make money.

Either online or offline Business, you should be able to solve problems to make money. Are you one of those asking themselves "What Service can I render to make money in Nigeria?" If yes, then you are at the right place because, in this article, I will be showing you various services and businesses you can do to make money in Nigeria both online and offline.

Your educational background is not a barrier to attaining business success. You just need to be at the right place at the right time and offer the services needed to the right audience. By doing this, money will come your way.

I have lived in Nigeria all my life and I can see how people make money here. So, this is the reason why I decided to tell you ways you can also make money by rendering services.

Without wasting time, let's quickly look into some of the services you can render to make money in Nigeria.

14 Services To Render To Make Money In Nigeria

Here are some of the most demanded services in Nigeria that you can offer to make money:

1. Become a Lesson Teacher: In Nigeria, parents want good and solid education for their children. Becoming a lesson teacher is a good way to make money in Nigeria because it is a service that is in high demand. You can start an after-school lesson for pupils in your community by teaching them subjects that you understand very well.

2. Become a Writer / Blogger: Writing for people to gain knowledge or solve problems is another service you can render to make money in Nigeria. As a writer or a blogger, you can create a free website that people visit to gain knowledge about what you already know. You can monetize this by asking for donations from your readers or you can also monetize your blog by partnering with Google or other advertising companies.

3. Become POS Agent: A POS Agent is someone who offers services to solve financial-related problems. POS Business is one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria. As a POS Agent, You can be selling recharge cards and make cash available for people. In my area in Lagos State, I have a friend who runs POS Business. What he does is help people send money to their loved ones and he gets a commission on every money sent. So, if you are looking for a service or Business you can do to make money in Nigeria, you can start POS Business and render any of these services.

4. Become a Taxi driver: Transportation Business is another hidden business opportunity in Nigeria. The Service required here is to transport people and or goods from one location to another. People who don't own a car usually need this Service to transport themselves and their goods to their destination. You can take advantage of this business and start making money right away.

5. Open Barbing Salon: Salon Business is another profitable business you can do in Nigeria. People cut their hair almost every week and they need the service of a barber to achieve this. You must be a professional to render this service. So, you need to undergo training for a certain period. The location also matters, you need a good location usually beside the main road to get customers to patronize you.

6. Help people to charge their Electronics: We all know that good electricity is one of the major problems in Nigeria. As many people find it difficult to power their electronics due to power failure in Nigeria, you can take advantage of this and open a shop where you help people charge their phones, laptop, rechargeable torchlight, power bank, etc. In Nigeria today, it cost nothing less than #100 to charge one electronic device. Imagine charging 50 phones and laptops in a day, that is huge money in your pocket.

7. Start Rental Service: Rental Service is one of the business people don't take seriously probably because they don't know how much it can fetch them. You can buy a canopy and chairs for rental purposes. Even houses and landed property can be rented out for occasions if they are in a good location. You can get up to #100,000 on the landed property per occasion in locations like Lagos and Abuja.

8. Offer Home Cleaning Services: If you live in Lagos, Abuja, or any big city in Nigeria, then you will know how much people need cleaning services. You can render home cleaning services to people who don't have time or are always busy at work. You can do flour mopping, and living and bedroom cleaning to make money in Nigeria.

9. Become a Gym Instructor: Another Service to render to make money in Nigeria is being a gym instructor. You can help people at the gym to keep fit and achieve their fitness goals by starting a gym center or working for one.

10. Star Car Wash Business: You can start a car wash park where you help people to wash their dirty and stained vehicles. This is another service you can render to make money in Nigeria.

11. Teach a Foreigner Language: If you are multilingual and can speak another country's language, then you can exchange it for money. Foreigners from other countries want to know how to speak our dialect in Nigeria to make their stay memorable in Nigeria. You can take advantage of this opportunity to teach foreigners your language and get paid for it.

12. Become a YouTuber: As a YouTuber, you can earn a decent amount of money in Nigeria. The Service required here is usual problem-solving what does this mean? It means that you have to create a niche for yourself where you teach people certain things and how to do them. For instance, if you are a good cook, you can teach your audience how to make different delicacies. You can make money on YouTube by requesting your viewers to support your channel through gifting or you can monetize with an Ads company who are ready to place ads on your YouTube channel.

13. Become a Language translator: Just like teaching people a foreign language can earn you money in Nigeria, being a language translator can as well give you money. You can start offering services that have to do with languages. That is, helping individuals or groups to translate a foreign language to their mother language for easy communication.

14. Become a MC: Becoming a master of ceremony who controls the affair of ceremonies is another service you can render to make money in Nigeria. People hire MCs to organize their ceremonies and pay them. As an MC in Nigeria, you can earn #500,000 per outing.


Making money is not just an easy task. However, you can make it easy for yourself when you have something to offer. Service rendering is the best way to make money in Nigeria. People will need your services at one point and they might just need to pay for them with money.

Ranging from becoming an MC, teaching a foreign language, and opening a barbing saloon, there are many services you can render to make money in Nigeria.

I have outlined in this article the known Services that are in high demand to make money in Nigeria and I hope you will be able to start from here.
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