How To Register Bitpapa wallet

         How To Register Bitpapa wallet

Bitpapa is a smartphone application that offers the general public a P2P marketplace with a cryptocurrency wallet and enables trading in cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, and others.
You may build a multicurrency cryptowallet using the Bitpapa app to conduct safe transactions in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT. and act as a global P2P market where users may securely purchase, sell, and transfer bitcoins worldwide.

The full complement of capabilities offered by the online interface are supported by the Bitpapa app. You can trade safely with other users on the Bitpapa P2P marketplace as well as receive, send, and store bitcoins utilizing a handy and secure cryptowallet within your account.

            Features of the Bitpapa app wallet

The bitpapa app has several features that make it more appealing to the general public, and in this portion of my bitpapa review, I'll provide you information on the essential features of the app. a thorough rundown of each feature.
Every deal on the platform is secured by escrow because the program intends to promote P2P activity. According to this, the coins being exchanged are automatically locked in the seller's account and aren't released until the transaction has gone through properly.

Search For Offers and Create Offers in Bitpapa wallet

You can create and edit your own offers on Bitpapa as well as look for those made by other users. Simply choose the features you require and set the peer selection criteria, and thousands of Bitpapa users will view your offer.
portable cryptocurrency wallet
You can manually set the Bitcoin network fee with the use of a convenient cryptowallet. This means that if you require a quick confirmation, you won't have to wait for hours.

No charges

Trading commissions have been abolished by Bitpapa, and internal transfers among Bitpapa users are now no cost. Bitpapa marketplace is the most successful and safe cryptocurrency P2P exchange available as a result.

Bitpapa Signup : How to Register Bitpapa wallet account

You only need to download and install the bitpapa app from the Google Play store in order to create an account on the platform. Launch the app and sign up with

Enter your email address, choose a password, and press the register button.
When asked if you have a referral during registration, click on it and enter the code . To directly copy the code, click here.

A verification link will be sent to your email, simply open your email and click on the
link, you will be taken to your account and at this time, you have successfully verify your

How to claim your registration on Bitpapa's bonus program

It's fairly easy to claim the registration bonus, and if you followed the above guidelines, you should already have received the bonus.
You only need to register an account, verify your phone number, and verify your ID card—all of which I covered in detail in the previous section of our bitpapa review—to receive the registration bonus of up to $5 on the app.
You will receive the designated bonus amount as soon as you are able to finish the two verifications. \

 Bitpapa wallet Telegram Bot

The bitpapa bot described above enabled stress-free bitcoin trading. In order to help customers become familiar with the bot, bitpapa has also provided a way for you to receive frequent prizes and up to 1,700+ per account.
bitpapa bot

How to Launch Bitpapa Telegram Bot on telegram

For immediate access to the bot, CLICK HERE. A functioning Telegram account is required.
to activate the bot. the Start button, then adhere to the instructions to select your country, language, and currency. When you can finish the entire reprocess, you will be given a username. The username can be modified or left alone.

How To Earn freely on Bitpapa Telegram Bot (Earn free #1700+ everyday )

Once you have start the bot successfully and get a username assigned to you, all you
have to do is to join the bitpapa group:  CLICK ME TO JOIN
That is the group where there bonus link will be dropped. It will be in form of link, once
they drop the link, all you have to do is to click the link and claim your bonus.

The activation message which will include the code will be like the following image;

once you activate the code , the amount will be added to your wallet ; check the image below

bitpapa bitcoin purchase


                        The link will only be available for 100 clicks before it disappears. Since no one can predict when the link will go, once it does, no one will be able to use it again. The main purpose of expressing this is to make you aware that in order to discover the bonus link as soon as it is dropped, you must often check the group.

 Bonus advice: Enable group chat notifications so that you are alerted when any messages are dropped, even if you are not actively viewing the Telegram screen.

How to withdraw the bitpapa bot bonus

                 Once you get the bonus, all you have to do is to open the bot, click on market, select
BTC and then click on NGN. That’s if you choose NGN as currency. If you select other
currency, then you will click on the same currency you choose during the registration.
Now select bank transfer and select a vendor, then select sell and input the amount you
want to sell and drop your bank details once the vendor reply. Confirm that you have
received the money before releasing the cryptocurrency.
The bot opportunity is Available to everyone!! Even if you have gotten a bonus during
the web registration. The telegram bot bonus is available to everyone, provided that you
have a telegram account.


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