10 business to Start with 1000 in Nigeria

 10 Business To Start With 1000 in Nigeria

                In this article I will be discussing how to start a business with #1000 in Nigeria and make thousands of dollars per month depending on your ability and the zeal to achieve your aim.

            Below are the List of  online Business you Can Start with At least #1000 in Nigeria 2023

  1.  Blogging
  2. Cloth reselling
  3. Shoe reselling
  4. WhatsApp TV
  5. VTU Reselling
  6. Freelancing
  7. Social Media Marketing
  8. Promotion

How To Start Blogging with #1000 In Nigeria 

                For you to start a business, you must understand what the business is all about, now let's talk about the word BLOGGING.

What is Blogging? 

            The management of a blog, from idea and article generation through publication, is referred to as Blogging. It comprises the activities required to maintain a blog, such as creating blog posts, marketing them, and using link-building techniques.

How to be a blogger?

            To be a blogger in Nigeria , you must be able to manage a blog or guest post and also, gather valid data and turns it into information for the benefit of your audience. Having saying that, let's talk about How to Own a Blog 

How to Own A Blog In Nigeria

            There are many platforms in Nigeria that allows those who are interested in Blogging to showcase their talent and earn thousands of dollars through it. Let's talk about platforms that allows bloggers to write and earn 

            5 Website to Start blogging in 2023

The following are the list of  5 website you can start blogging freely  in 2023 and if you want to get your website customized then you will have to buy Domain name and hosting
  1. Blogger website (www.blogger.com)
  2. WordPress
  3. Wix (www.wix.com)
  4. Weebly
  5. Medium

How To Start A Blog With Blogger Website And Earn Cool Cash 

To start blogging in Nigeria with #1000, Blogger website is best fit for you, Blogger website is a free hosting platform where bloggers can signup and own a blog within 5 mins, the 1000 is only meant to customize your domain name to make it unique.

5 Requirements To Start a Blog

            The following are the 5 requirements needed to start a blog in Nigeria, Follow the process with determination and earn in few months
  1. Choose your Niche
  2. Time
  3. Consistency
  4. Writing skills
  5. Laptop/Phone

How To Setup Blogger Website Within 5mins

Follow the process below to setup you blog website on blogger within 5mins, take your pen and let's get started

  1.  Choose your Niche: What you want to keep on writing on your blog
  2. Visit Blogger Website (www.blogger.com)
  3. Blogger website

  4. Click on Create your Blog     
  5. Choose your preferred google account
  6. Setup your profile 
    Blogger admin
  8.  click on New post and start posting
  9. Be consistent , get more audience to your website and start promoting
  10. Apply for Google AdSense and start earning per impression and clicks made on your site

How To Start VTU business with #1000 In Nigeria

        Every day to day activities and transactions  in Nigeria requires VTU.

 What is VTU ?

VTU means Virtual Top-UP . Virtual Top-Up (VTU) is a safe online service offered by telecom providers including MTN, GLO, 9Mobile, and Airtel that lets users buy and sell airtime, data, utility bills and other online purchase using either their bank account or an online wallet.

5 Profitable VTU Business In Nigeria

            The following are 5 profitable VTU business in Nigeria to start with as low as #1000 in Nigeria 
and earns thousands of naira daily

1. Data Reselling

            You can earn thousands of naira daily purchasing data and also reselling it for your customers at higher amount which by then you make profit on each purchase
        For Example ;
You buy 1gb data for #240 and resell it at #300 or #350 ; that's #60/ #100 profit on a transaction
2gb= #480  resell at #700
3gb= #720  resell at #900

If you get enough customers , you will be able to make more than #5000 per day

You can Get started By using the website below
                            DATAWAY VTU APP

2. Airtime Reselling

            You can also be an wholesaler,  earn by reselling airtime in bulk to customers and earn massively on every pin recharged. Use the DATAWAY app link above to start reselling airtime

3. POS Business

            With POS business, You can earn by sending and withdrawing cash transactions , Kindly read more on Pos business by clicking  HOW TO START POS BUSINESS IN NIGERIA

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