How to get admitted into University of your Choice in Nigeria

How to get admitted into University of your Choice in Nigeria

            Getting Admitted into Nigeria University has been a difficult task for students aspiring for any course in the university. Kindly follow up this article and I will show you how you can  get admitted into your desired course and into the university of your choice in Nigeria.

How To Get Admitted Into Federal University In Nigeria

        Federal University in Nigeria is highly competitive itself , thousands of aspirants want to go to Federal owned universities based on the school fee and some other things attached to it.

Can I gain admission into Federal University with 180?

    Yes, you can gain admission into any federal university in Nigeria that accepts 180 as general cut-off mark.

Things to Consider when processing admission with 180 into Federal University

  1. General Cut-off mark
  2. Departmental cut-off mark
  3. Subject Combination
  4. Course competitiveness
1. General Cut-off mark

         The General Cut-off mark to process a university is the minimum requirement , that is, the minimum Jamb score you must have to process the university

For instance

The General Cut-Off mark for Obafemi Awolowo University is 200 which simply means to process any course in OAU, you must score 200 as the lowest mark.

2.   Departmental Cut-off Mark

        Departmental cut-off mark is the minimum score you must have in Jamb before you can process a course in a university.

For instance.

If a Federal University cut-off mark is 200 , and you score 239  whereas, the course you are applying for has a cut-off mark of 250,with that, you won't be able to proceed to register the course....This mostly happens in FUOYE

3.    Subject Combination

        Subject  Combination has been one of the major issue hindering students not getting admitted to the university. How?

For Instance;

        A student who wants to Study an art course , for example; MASS Communication in Federal  university and has a subject combination which has to do with Science courses.

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