How to be 24 hours online as Freelancer(Fiverr and Upwork)

How to be 24 hours online as Freelancer (Fiverr and Upwork)

          In this article , I will be guiding you on how you can make your Fiverr Gig always online so as to increase your impression and clicks. Let's get Started.
            It's a google chrome extension which is needed to be added to chrome browser to make it effective.

Follow the steps below to add Google Extension to your Browser

  • Go to google chrome 
  • Click on extension 
  • Click on Google webstore
  • Add and pin it to your browser

How To be online 24hours for Freelancer Using Auto Refresh Plus Extension

Auto Refresh Plus proves to be useful to any client  likewise Freelancer who necessities to perform automatic website refresh at specific times proficiently. It likewise gives content identification support, which is helpful while monitoring content remembered for a powerful page.

Key Features on Auto Refresh Plus

Default Time Interval
Random Interval
Set custom refresh cycles
Display Visual Timer on page
Auto Stop refreshing if click anywhere on the page
Countdown Timer mode
Hard Refresh / Bypass cache
Auto start URLs
Refresh Predefined Page
Active Tabs List
Page Monitor (Keyword Find/Lost)
Refresh Predefined Text Keywords
XHR Refresh (with custom auto click on each Refresh)
Custom, XPath, and Regex expression support
Auto Click on Link
Get alerted via notification and email.

1.     Default Time Interval
This option allows user to set the default time for every page refresh. You can choose either the predefined time intervals or provide your convinitent time interval.
2.     Random Interval
     At your own ease, you can randomize the time interval of page refreshes. choose a minimum and a maximum range of time, and it will automatically refresh pages itself on any random time interval between those ranges.
3.    Set custom refresh cycles
     This option is available for you to set the number of cycles you want it to refresh.
4.     Display Visual Timer
     This feature allows you to display visual timer on the webpage you will refresh.
5.     Stop refreshing if click anywhere on the page 
       Auto Refresh Plus will pause the refresh task if the user interacts with the page.
6.     Commencement Timer
You can utilize the commencement clock to invigorate a particular page after a specific measure of time has elapsed. Empower and set the clock, a commencement will start, and when the commencement hits zero, ARP will begin reviving the page with the default time stretch.

(7) Hard Refresh
Reload the page without depending on reserved information

(8) Auto start URLs
These are the URLs that ARP will begin to invigorate naturally when the program opens them or restarts. You can include one or various URLs the expansion settings page

(9) Refresh Predefined Page:
Utilizing this element, you can revive a website page without opening it yourself. When you put a URL in this segment, it will consequently open the URLs and revive them on the default time span.

(10) Active Tabs List
In the expansion popup (activity menu), You can likewise see the rundown of tabs where revive undertakings are underway. You can see the clock, switch the tab on click, and suspend the undertaking.

(11) Page Monitor:
This strong element permits you to screen a page and search for any progressions in it. You can screen your progressions in the site page's visual or source code. You can screen site changes in three ways.

(I) Finding out assuming that some particular text has APPEARED on the site page
(II) Finding out assuming that some particular text has DISAPPEARED from the page
(III) Monitor Anything change (Stay ready when any change happens on the particular site page)

You can likewise design Auto Refresh Plus to stop or keep on reviving assignments assuming that it finds or lost the checked catchphrase. Contingent upon your page screen's settings, it will set off a notice, email, or ringer. further more you can add any screen watchword with you program setting menu

(12) Supported Expressions for Page screen
(I) Normal Expression
(II) Custom articulation
(III) XPath articulation
(IV) Regex articulation
↪ For complete subtleties:

(13) XHR Refresh (with custom auto click on each Refresh)
Recover information from a URL without doing a full page revive. This empowers a Web page to refresh simply aspect of a page without upsetting what the client is doing.

(14) Refresh Predefined Text Keywords
This element begins reviving a website page when some particular text is tracked down on it. To utilize it, embed one or various watchwords on the settings page. When this Text shows up on a site page, ARP will begin invigorating it consequently with the default time span.

(15) Auto Click on Link
assuming your Monitored watchword is a connection or a button, Auto Refresh Plus can likewise click that for you. You should first empower this element in quite a while.

(16) Get cautioned through notice and email.
When the page screen finds that some particular text has showed up or vanished from the website page, it informs the client by a Push notice, ready sound, and an email alert. The sound notice can be altered according to your requirements.

(17) Hotkeys
Set your custom console easy routes for following Auto Refresh Plus activities
• Begin Time Interval:
• Begin Random Interval:
• Begin Timer mode:
• Stop stretch:
• Kill notice sound:
Kindly use the comment Section below if you are unable to add it to your browser successfully

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