Plateau State Teachers Recruitment 2024/2025


If you are a qualified teacher or aspiring to become one, the Plateau State Teachers Recruitment provides a golden opportunity for you to join the esteemed teaching community in Plateau State, Nigeria. This article aims to provide you with a detailed overview of the recruitment process, the duties of teachers, available vacant positions, eligibility criteria, salary structure, and how to apply for the recruitment exercise.

Duties of Teachers

As a teacher in Plateau State, you will be entrusted with the significant responsibility of shaping the minds of the future generation. Your duties will include:

  1. Instruction: Delivering engaging and comprehensive lessons that align with the curriculum and educational standards.

  2. Assessment: Evaluating students' progress through tests, assignments, and examinations to gauge their understanding and provide constructive feedback.

  3. Classroom Management: Creating a positive and conducive learning environment, maintaining discipline, and promoting respectful interactions among students.

  4. Planning and Organization: Developing lesson plans, preparing teaching materials, and managing time effectively to ensure smooth classroom operations.

  5. Student Development: Nurturing students' personal, social, and cognitive growth by fostering a supportive and inclusive learning atmosphere.

  6. Collaboration with Colleagues: Working as part of a team to share ideas, resources, and best practices, ultimately enhancing the quality of education provided.

Available Vacant Positions

The Plateau State Teachers Recruitment offers various vacant positions across different educational levels and subjects. Some of the available positions include:

  1. Primary School Teachers: Educators who specialize in teaching at the primary level, covering subjects such as Mathematics, English, Science, and Social Studies.

  2. Secondary School Teachers: Teachers who play a vital role in the development of students at the secondary level, focusing on subjects like Mathematics, English Language, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and others.

  3. Special Education Teachers: Educators who work with students requiring specialized instruction due to physical, intellectual, or emotional disabilities.

  4. Subject Specialists: Teachers with expertise in specific subjects like Computer Science, Fine Arts, Physical Education, and more.

  5. Vocational Teachers: Instructors who teach vocational subjects such as Agriculture, Home Economics, Technical Drawing, and Trade Skills.

Eligibility Criteria for Plateau State Teachers Recruitment

To be eligible for the Plateau State Teachers Recruitment, interested applicants must fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Age: Candidates must be 18 years of age or above.

  2. Educational Qualifications: Applicants should possess a minimum of WASSCE or NECO/NABTEB result. Additionally, a National Certificate of Education (NCE),, HND, or OND qualifications are also accepted.

  3. NYSC Certificate: Aspiring teachers must provide proof of completion of the mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program.

  4. Language Proficiency: Fluency in the English language is essential, as it is the medium of instruction in Plateau State schools.

  5. Teaching Skills: Demonstrating good teaching skills and a passion for education is crucial.

Plateau State Teachers Salary

Teachers in Plateau State are rewarded for their hard work and dedication with a competitive salary structure. The salary range for teachers varies based on level of experience and qualifications. The starting salary for entry-level teachers is around N22,000, while experienced and highly qualified teachers can earn up to N170,000 and more.

How to Apply for Plateau State Teachers Recruitment Exercise

To apply for the Plateau State Teachers Recruitment, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Office Website: Go to the official website 

  2. Fill out the Recruitment Form: Complete the application form by providing accurate personal information and details of your educational qualifications.

  3. Upload Supporting Documents: Scan and upload all relevant documents, including certificates, identification, and passport-sized photographs.

  4. Submit before Deadline: Ensure that you submit your application before the specified deadline. Late submissions may not be considered.

  5. Wait for Shortlist for Interview: After the application period closes, eligible candidates will be shortlisted for interviews. Stay updated with announcements and notifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can candidates from other states apply for Plateau State Teachers Recruitment?

Yes, candidates from other states can apply as long as they meet the eligibility criteria.

Are teaching experience and additional certifications advantageous for the selection process?

Yes, teaching experience and additional certifications can positively impact the selection process and enhance your chances of being recruited.

Can I apply for multiple vacant positions?

Yes, you can apply for multiple vacant positions if you meet the qualifications and requirements for each position.


The Plateau State Teachers Recruitment presents an excellent opportunity for qualified individuals to contribute to the development of the education sector in Plateau State. By fulfilling the duties of teachers, aspiring educators can mould young minds, make a difference, and shape the future of Nigeria. Take advantage of this chance, follow the application process diligently, and unlock a rewarding career as a teacher in Plateau State.

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