How To Make Peanut For Sell In Nigeria (2023)

How to make peanuts for sell: This article will guide you on how to make peanuts for sell in Nigeria. You are also going to learn basic procedures to start selling peanuts and the types of peanuts you can make for sale in Nigeria.

Previously in our business idea articles, we discussed how to start many businesses in Nigeria which are; how to start Okrika business, how to start a car wash business, and how to start a cement business in Nigeria. However, today, we will be talking about the groundnut business also known as the peanut business. We will shed light on how to make peanut and sell it in Nigeria.

Are you interested in a peanut selling business but don't know how you can start? This article will help you to start. 

Selling peanuts is a profitable business venture in Nigeria because it is the kind of product you buy at a cheap price from farmers and sell for a higher price to final consumers.

Before we proceed to the step-by-step guide on how to make peanuts for sell in Nigeria, let us see the different ways you can make and sell your peanut.

Different Ways You Can Make and Sell Peanut

The peanut business is wide, and here are the three commonest ways to package and sell peanuts in Nigeria. These ways are;

1. Boiled Shield Peanut: This method of selling peanuts is common in Nigeria. To do this, you will need to buy fresh raw peanuts from a farmer or you can harvest them on your farm if you had planted it on your farmland. After getting this raw pet, you will wash it in a bucket and boil it with its shield. When it's done, you start selling to people who are interested in boiled peanuts.

2. Raw Peanuts: Even though this is usually done wholesale, some people still sell raw peanuts in the retail market. The raw Peanuts business is done when you have raw peanuts and sell them to those who want to boil or fry them for business purposes. You sell to them wholesale and cheap price so that they can also make money after going through the stress of getting it done.

3. Fried Peanut: Fried Peanut is the commonest way to make peanuts for sale in Nigeria. It involves frying raw peanuts and sells to customers. Instead of boiling the peanut, you fry it. As I said before, it is the commonest way to sell peanuts in Nigeria because many people prefer their peanuts fried.

Other ways to sell peanuts in Nigeria include peanut butter, peanut burger, and peanut oil also known as groundnut oil.

How to make peanut for sell
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How To Make Peanut For Sell (Step-by-step)

Here are steps to make peanuts for sale in Nigeria.

Step 1: Source For Peanut

The first step in starting a peanut business is to make sure that you have a sure source for your peanut. The source can be that you buy from the farmer or in a market. The second source is when you plant groundnut by yourself. Whatever the case is, you must have your groundnut ready before you can start selling it.

Step 2: Choose how you want to sell

As I said earlier above, there are different ways to do a peanut business and you have to define how you want to start selling your peanut. You can choose to sell boiled shielded peanuts,  raw shielded peanuts, or fry peanuts and you can choose to combine two or more ways. How to do each of these has been discussed above.

Step 3: Define Your Customers

After knowing how you want to sell your peanut, then you have to do market research to define your customers. Look for areas where people who are interested in buying peanuts are. You can start from the neighborhood and expand your business as you grow.

Step 4. Start Selling

When you finally discover your customers, the next thing is to start selling to them. You have to make sure that you give them good peanuts all the time to keep them as customers.


If your business plan is how to make peanuts for sell, then this article will help you through. The above-mentioned steps which include sourcing for peanut, choosing how to sell, defining your customer, and selling, are all you need to start your peanut business in Nigeria. 
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