Ways to Take A Screenshot on Windows 10 and Windows 11

Ways to Take A Screenshot on Windows 10 and Windows 11

 There are various techniques or ways you can employ to snap a screenshot on a Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC without stress. We've published all the top methods for screenshot on a Windows screenshot, whether you want to capture the entire screen or just a portion of it.

Print Screen button

By hitting the Print Screen (PrtScn) key on your keyboard, you may quickly snap a screenshot of your full screen in Windows 10 or Windows 11 very easy.

Your clipboard will receive the screenshot. Copy the screenshot and paste it into a tool that lets you insert images, such as Microsoft Word or Paint, to save the file.

Windows key + Print Screen

When using Windows 10 or Windows 11, press the Windows key and PrtScn for you to take a screenshot that will be saved automatically to the Screenshots folder. As your laptop screen dims, a screenshot of your entire screen will be saved to the folder.

Alt + Print Screen Key

To just capture or screenshot the window you are currently working in, simply press Alt + PrtScn. Once copied to your clipboard, you must paste the image there in order to save it elsewhere.

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The Snip & Sketch tool in Windows 10

If you want to personalize, annotate, or share your screenshots, Windows 10 Snip & Sketch is the greatest screenshot tool for Windows.

Launch Snip & Sketch by pressing Windows Key + Shift + S on your keyboard. Your screen will dim, and at the top of it will appear a little menu with the options to take a square, free-form, window, or full-screen capture.

When you take a screenshot, a preview notification will appear in the lower-right portion of your screen and the image will be copied to your clipboard.

You just Click on the preview notification to launch the Snip & Sketch app and save, share, or edit the image using the various sketching tools.

Snipping Tool in Windows 11

The Snipping Tool may be included in Windows 10 sometimes, but it's not typically the screenshot tool you'll want to use. The Snipping Tool, which was much enhanced in Windows 11, is now the best way to take customized screenshots.

You may opt to either use the Windows Key + Shift + S keyboard shortcut to open the Snipping Tool in Windows 11 or do a search for it. Your screen will dim, and a toolbar with screenshot options—similar to Snip & Sketch—will appear at the top. Using this toolbar, you can take a rectangle, freeform, full-window, or full-screen capture.

A screenshot you take will be copied to your clipboard and placed in the Screenshots folder so you can share it right away. By clicking the preview that displays in the lower-right corner of your screen, you can save and edit it.

The Game Bar. 

This Game Bar is an overlay that comes with the majority of Windows apps and games that you may use to take images and record movies and is simple. Follow the instructions below to open and utilize it: 

1. Press the Windows Key + G.

2. To access the Capture menu in the overlay menu, click the Capture button (the camera icon) in the top menu.

3. From the Capture menu, choose the camera symbol to take a screenshot. You can also record a video with the option to incorporate audio by selecting the microphone icon by hitting the record button.

You may find screenshots and videos that the Game Bar has captured by going to Videos > Captures in File Explorer. PNG and MP4 are the file formats in which these files are stored. You can find them in the Gallery of the Game Bar by choosing Show my captures >. You may view my captures by clicking the snapshot and recording buttons in the Capture menu..

Power + Volume Up Button

For you To snap a screenshot of the Windows 10 operating system on a Microsoft Surface device, press the Power button and the Volume Up button simultaneously. As the screen dims, your screenshot will be saved to the Pictures > Screenshots folder.

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