10 Travel Agencies In Nigeria To Choose From

10 Travel Agencies In Nigeria To Choose From


People today demand a reliable travel provider with a polished appearance. Little things make a big difference, like being greeted at the airport, having a smooth check-in process at the hotel, finding amazing prices on plane tickets, and having hotel rates that are affordable. Are you afraid about getting a visa, dealing with scams, or other travel-related issues because you're going to Nigeria? With this in mind, we must be aware of the top travel agency in Nigeria. The best 10 travel agencies in Nigeria that can handle all of your travel requirements and have a stellar reputation in the field are listed below (in no particular order). Continue reading!

Top Travel Agencies In Nigeria

1. Quantum Travels

This is one of the top travelling companies in Nigeria, There are locations for Quantum Travels all over the world. It meets the demands of passengers in 97 nations and controls a sizable share of the Nigerian travel market. Despite being best known for its corporate travel management, it provides a wide range of travel-related services, making it a wise pick.

2. Mayfair Travel Nigeria Limited

It is a well-known and well appreciated travel agency in Nigeria. It offers a range of travel services and is IATA recognized. Numerous discounts, sales promotions, and frequent flyer programs are offered by the business.

3. Travelwings.com

In Nigeria, Travelwings.com is a leading and well-respected online travel agency. It is a component of the prestigious Satguru Travel Group, the top provider of travel management services in Africa. An online travel service with more than 25 years of expertise, Travelwings.com is situated in Dubai. The convenience of making reservations online allows the business to provide knowledgeable, competent, and talented customer services.

4. Wakanow.com Limited

The first internet travel agency in Nigeria is called Wakanow.com, and it was founded in that year. The business's founder, Obinna Ekezie, successfully ran the travel agency till 2019. The company, which has a sizable customer base in Nigeria, projects the third-highest volume of airline reservations there.

5. FinchGlow Travels

FinchGlow, one of Nigeria's top travel companies, holds a large portion of the market. Pick a company that offers trustworthy services and was founded in 2002 by Mr. Bankole Bernard. He is the company's CEO and was formerly NANTA's president. FinchGlow offers some of the best services for those with special travel requirements.

6. FlyBoku.com

In Nigeria, FlyBoku.com is a well-known internet company.In 2016, the NTDC honored it as an exceptional organization. It offers affordable services and was acknowledged as one of Nigeria and West Africa's top digital travel agencies at Akwaaba 2016.

7. Dip Tour Limited

On Victoria Island, there is one of the best travel companies in Nigeria. The company offers a range of excursions, which include visits to Badagry, the Obudu Cattle Ranch, and other tourism hotspots in Nigeria. It provides travel packages not just to well-known tourist destinations in Nigeria but also to other locations.

8. Satguru Travel 

One of Nigeria's top tour companies, Satguru Travel, maintains a location in Abuja. The company has a vast network that reaches more than 60 countries. The business's online travel agency in Nigeria is called Travelwings.com. The business provides hassle-free tickets for travel and mobile tours. Satguru Travel has received numerous honors for its services and is well regarded by the Nigerian tourism industry. Regarding reputation and expertise in providing services to the aviation business, this is a top option.

9. Zenith Travels and Tours

Zenith Travels and Tours is one of the leading tour operators in Nigeria. It has a broad network of commercial partners around the world. The Nigerian travel agency is a well-known one that specializes in educational tourism. The company provides packages for inspiration, exclusive tour promotions, and more.

10. TIFA Travel and Tours Limited 

With a 4.5 Google rating, TIFA Travel & Tours Limited is one of the best travel companies in Nigeria. It has a well-established reputation as a reliable trip operator. You can choose from a variety of high-tech travel services, speedy hotel reservations, flawless customer service, flight adjustments, airport transfers, and more. Additionally, the company offers incredible travel discounts to Dubai, the UK, Canada, and other international countries.
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