How To Start A Blog


                                            How To Start A blog

You could make thousands of dollars
per month on blogging, writing articles, sharing ideas online. Now, you will be
wondering how does Blogging works

What is a Blog?

A blog (a truncation of
"weblog") is a conversation or educational site distributed on the
World Wide Web comprising of discrete, frequently casual journal style text
sections (posts). Posts are regularly shown backward sequential request, so the
latest post shows up first, at the highest point of the website page.

How To Get Started with

à     Choose
a domain

               Look for a simple, short name to give your blog which will be relevant to
your       niche.

 1.   Keep it short.
Don’t force potential visitors to have to type a bunch of words to visit     your
website. We recommend no more than 14 characters.

 2.    Choose a .com,
.org, or .net. These are the easiest ones for people to remember.

 3.   Easy to spell and
pronounce. You don’t want to spell it out constantly for people when   you
mention your blog’s domain.

 4.   Avoid numbers and
hyphens. Not only does it look clunky in the URL but it’s also     difficult to
type out when you add hyphens.

 After choosing a domain name you will have to sign up on any
CMS(Content   Management System) platform to link your desired domain name with

Examples of CMS platforms are;
Blogger, wordpress, wix, Jimdo.

 How To Earn From
Blogging In 10 Steps

Choose a profitable niche

When selecting your niche, it’s important to start
with your passions -  after all, you’ll
be dedicating lots of time and effort to this subject. But if you’re serious
about making money blogging, you also need to think about subjects that people
are interested in reading about, and that will ultimately be financially viable.


Scale your blog content

Now that you’ve selected your niche, it’s time to
start creating content. As you  begin, keep in mind that the strategy behind
your articles is just as important as the writing itself. Your articles, of
course, will involve a lot of writing - but they’ll also involve a great deal
of research and planning.


Build a reputation

Start by expanding your online presence, particularly
in the writing and blogging world. You can reach out to online publications in
your niche and pitch ideas for guest posts. Remember to send a link to your
blog alongside your pitch as evidence of your experience in the field


Promote and grow

At this point, you know that the more people read your
blog, the easier it will be for you to earn an income from it. For that reason,
growing your website traffic is an important stepping stone for making money
from your blog.


Advertise within your blog

One way to make money blogging is to add Google
AdSense ads to your blog posts - and generate income as a result.


What, exactly, is Google AdSense? It’s a program that
allows you to place ad spaces on your site. Google then fills those spaces with
advertisements that are relevant to your blog and site visitors. You, in turn,
earn money when those ads are viewed or clicked.


Offer paid subscriptions

You can also make money blogging  through creating and selling subscription
plans. This lets loyal readers buy access to exclusive content.

Of course, some of your content should remain free -
after all, readers will want to explore your blog before deciding whether to
buy.  But you can supplement the freebies
with in-depth posts that offer exclusive insights subscribers would be willing
to pay for.


Sell merchandise

Another profitable option is to sell products directly
through their site. To do this, you can open an online store that takes
visitors directly to your products. This lets you sell items related to your
blog niche or personal brand.

Become an affiliate

This involves adding affiliate links to various
products or services within your posts, throughout your site, or across your
social media accounts. When your site visitors click on those links and make a
purchase, you’ll earn a commission from the sale.


Write sponsored content

As your blog grows, you might even find yourself
getting approached by companies who’d like to sponsor you. The company will
compensate you for each post you create, as you’re essentially advertising
their products to your audience. Often, these gigs come with extra perks, like
free products from the company for you to review


Provide consulting services                   

The final way to make money blogging involves
harnessing all the knowledge you’ve gained as a professional blogger. Using
your blog as a portfolio, offer your own expertise as a service and promote
yourself as a coach or consultant.

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