7 cogent things to take note in JAMB Examination Hall

 7 cogent things to take note in JAMB Examination Hall

As JAMB Examination commences, Students should kindly take note of the following for a successful Examination

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1.Start with the subject you know best. Spend as little time as possible on it. No dulling. Starting with your favorite subject will help you move fast and will imbue you with great confidence to confront the others.

2. Start with questions you know and temporarily leave the ones you have no clue about until you finish the ones you know. Scan the options for the answer to each question instead of examining the option one after the other as that would waste time. Don't panic at all on questions you don't know. Instead, approach every question with confidence and strength. Concentrate singlemindedly on the question at hand and don't think of anything else. There's power in concentration.

3. Remember Fifi Theorem 1? WHAT LOOKS LIKE THE ANSWER IS NOT THE ANSWER UNLESS YOU ARE 100% SURE. Remembering this theorem can save your career. Some options look very close to the answers. But they are distracters and nothing else. The real answer does not always look like the right answer. So be very cautious. Your examiners are smart and want you to fail. Break their heart and disappoint them, I love you and want you to excel. Succeed massively.

4. Move with accurate speed. If you can finish everything in one hour, that would leave you enough time to revise and correct your mistake. Be as fast as you can. Time is of the greatest essence and you can't afford to waste any of it on indecision.

5. After you finish the exam, if you still have enough time, try and count how many questions you are sure to have correctly answered. This is very important. If you can't successfully count 150 out of 180 questions, quickly go back to the drawing board and work more sedulously. For you to get 270+, you must have worked hard like crazy.

6. Do the subject you know best with all your best. Make sure you get more than 80 in it. That alone can scale you above 270+. If you have 70+ in any subject, that makes it statistically impossible to fail.

7. Revise. Revise. Revise before submitting. But before revising. ensure you solve all the questions you have left undone. Then make sure you revise what you have done before submitting. Correct the mistakes you have made. By now, you will start remembering answers to questions you have skipped earlier. Do them with a holy vengeance.

After that you can submit with confidence

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