Piggyvest Review 2023: How to Use Piggyvest to Save and Earn Money

Piggyvest Review 2023

This Piggyvest review 2023 will shed light on the entire Piggyvest experience. It will provide answers to questions such as: Is Piggyvest a scam? Is Piggyvest a safe and dependable service? What is the best way for me to profit from Piggyvest? What is Piggyvest and how does it work?

Piggyvest, formerly known as Piggybank, was founded in 2016 with the sole intention of assisting people in saving money and achieving their goals. Other services have been added over time, such as "Investify," which allows users to fund farms and earn up to a 24 percent return.

That's not the case. Now, if you're having trouble keeping your spending under control, you might certainly turn to Piggyvest for assistance.
I had wonderful recollections of saving money with the Piggyvest app while I was in school. You can also put it to good use.

Let's get this party started.

 Who is the Founder of PiggyVest?

Piggyvest was started by 3 Nigerians: Joshua Chibueze, Somto Ifezue and Odunaya Ewniyi. They are previous understudies of Covenant college and they have together dealt with various undertakings Piggyvest being one of them.

Piggyvest Address

They are situated at #16 Boyle St, Lagos Island 101231, Lagos Nigeria. Telephone Contact: 0700933933933.

Is PiggyVest Legit?

Assuming you're contemplating whether Piggyvest is genuine? Assuming they are protected and dependable to place your cash in it? You've done well not at all like numerous Nigerians who don't reconsider when they know about bringing in cash through a stage.

From my utilization of this stage which is over 2 years now, since they were as yet called Piggybank, I can perceive you that they are genuine and it's protected to keep your cash with them. Haven't known about anything turned out badly from individual previously.

Additionally, realize that:

  •     They have been around for a long time.
  •     We know the proprietors.
  •     They have a location to which somebody can find them.
  •     They are enrolled with the suitable experts in the country.
  •     Starting at 2020, Piggyvest has in excess of 350,000 clients enrolled on the stage.

 Piggyvest is 100 percent genuine and very solid. Piggyvest is likewise exceptionally secure.

How Does Piggyvest Work?

Piggyvest doesn't supplant our business banks where you could get to and pull out your cash whenever you need to. Rather, Piggyvest brings to you an approach to keeping your cash without contacting it. It's fundamentally for setting aside cash without contacting it, perhaps you have things you need to achieve toward the year's end, perhaps you need to purchase something sooner or later in the year, Piggyvest assists you with setting aside your cash until that time.

How Do You Fund Your PiggyVest Account?

You can fund your Piggyvest account straightforwardly from your financial balance. Whenever you've joined to Piggyvest you'll discover where you can do this by means of an installment stage known as Paystack. Try not to stress over the method is really straightforward even a 12-year-old kid can do it in minutes.

Piggyvest highlights

We will examine 4 principle highlights of Piggyvest which are Autosave, Core Savings and Safelock.


This element ensures a specific sum is deducted from your financial balance naturally relying upon the period you pick, it very well may be day by day, week after week or month to month. Note, you're the one that sets the sum and the period. Say for instance you need to store #1,000 day by day to your Piggyvest account. The auto-charge component will take #1,000 every day from your ledger and save it in your Piggyvest account. That will leave you with #7,000 consistently, #30k consistently and #365,000 consistently. Great.


 Safelock is a component that gives the Piggyvest thought a genuine sense. The thought with Pigyvest is to set aside cash, this happens when one cuts unnecessary spending. The SafeLock include makes it workable for us to lock away cash for a set timeframe without approaching it. Piggyvest gives at least 10 days and a limit of 1,000 days to ward off your cash. You likewise bring in cash via getting intrigued so everything appears to be legit. Piggyvest financing cost is 13% for a year. That is to say assuming you keep #100,000 for a year you'll get #113,000 toward the year's end without taking any kind of action. The base sum permitted is #1,000 and you can have more that one SafeLock saving naming them the manner in which you need, it very well may be "Marriage", "New Phone" or " Shopping" and so on You can name it involving why you need to utilize the reserve funds.

    Center Savings

Core investment funds is near Safelock in that you need to pick the quantity of days you need the cash to remain in your Piggyvest account. It is different on the grounds that you can in any case pull out without arriving at the date yet this will cause a 5% charge on the aggregate sum you're pulling out. They intend no mischief, truth be told, it is to show you discipline, it will cause you to have restraint on how you spend your cash.

    Target Savings

 Target investment funds come in while you're saving to purchase something or to meet an objective. You set a withdrawal date and set the designated sum. When you reach 70% of the objective sum and the withdrawal date you can observe your cash in the Piggyflex account prepared for withdrawal to your ledger.

How Do You Withdraw Your Money From Piggyvest

Aside from your cash safeguarded by the SafeLock highlight or some other component, you can pull out your cash under "Flex Naira" which is available from the landing page. Cash here likewise incorporates your premium accumulated after some time.

Keep in mind, you need to completely arrangement your record with Piggyvest this you can do by adding your BVN.
The most effective method to get a good deal on Piggyvest

Presently, it's an ideal opportunity to assist you with beginning. Piggyvest fundamentally is a "Reserve funds and Investment" application. In this way, setting aside cash is one of its center capacities.

To get a good deal on Piggyvest, you need to initially join.

Click HERE to go to Piggyvest site ( keep this tab open as you should follow steps).

Or then again Click HERE to download the application.

Regardless, on the sign-up page you will track down fields to fill like your Name, Date of Birth, Relationship Status and so forth Utilize this reference code: 08104094348 you will advance #500 as you go beyond to finish your sign up.
Step by step instructions to Make Money with Piggyvest

Pigyvest permits you to bring in cash even as you save. It's a superb open door if you were to ask me.

There are 4 different ways you can bring in cash from this application.

  •     Through account initiation.
  •     Through aggregate interest after some time.
  •     Through focuses procured.
  •     Through Piggyvest reference program.

Allow me to clarify:

    Through Account Activation: When you join to Piggyvest, your record isn't initiated right now until you reserve your record with somewhere around #1,000. After subsidizing your record interestingly you're given free #500. You can subsidize your Piggyvest account utilizing your Mastercard, Verve, Visa or some other check card in Nigeria through Paystack.

    Through Accumulative Interest Over Time: Through your investment funds utilizing the SafeLock include you procure revenue which depending the sum you lock up and the time you can take in substantial income.
    Through Points acquired: Piggyvest has an approach to compensating its clients despite the fact that it's little obviously, the size here relies upon the amount you leave in the framework.

How about we see the award recipe.

Whenever you save:

    #2,000 to #5,000 you get 1 point.
    #5,000 to #10,000 you get 2 focuses.
    #10,000 to #50,000 you get 10 focuses.
    #50,000 to #100,000 you get 25 focuses.
    #100,000 or more you get 55 focuses.

1 point is identical to #10.

4. Through Piggyvest Referral Program: Lastly, Piggyvest reference program is the principle bargain with regards to bringing in cash.

You procure ₦1,000 for each individual you bring to Piggyvest. Note this individual should actuate their record before you are paid the commission of ₦1,000.

    What amount would you be able to truly make from Piggyvest and Cowrywise?

For you to partake in the reference reward, your alluded individual should effectively enlisted his record.

Click HERE join first prior to turning into a referrer. Assuming you join through my connection you likewise get ₦1,000 to begin saving.

I have likewise composed broadly on the Piggyvest reference program and how to pull out your Piggyvest reference reward. This will empower you to bring in great cash alluding individuals to Piggyvest.

Click HERE to join.

    Opay Agent: Register with Opay and bring in cash on the web.

It's a wrap…

We as a whole need to bring in cash, isn't that so?

Also we can all concur that for one to have loads of cash, we ought to have the option to oversee and save money.We ought to have the option to design our lives and costs.

Presently, that is the place where Piggyvest comes in.

It is an ideal chance for all Nigerians to have the option to control how they spend their cash. Assuming you leave the cash in your pocket, you're probably going to utilize it to purchase things that you don't actually require.

In this way, it's savvy to put our cash some place save and we can then arrangement on what we need to use for.

Click HERE to join with Piggyvest.

On the off chance that you have any inquiry or you really want assistance kindly utilize the remark box.

Don't likewise neglect to share this article to your companions it will assist them with controlling their costs.


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