How To Become An Agent With Sanwopay

How To Become An Agent With Sanwopay

Step by step instructions to turn into a Sanwopay specialist.

Sanwopay is a consistent method for paying for labor and products purchased at the neighborhood or carport with holding cash. This help is accommodated the advantage of transport drivers and dealers to acknowledge installment consistently. Its additionally really great for individual to pay for products without stress.

Sanwopay likewise offer every day commitment (frugality) (ajo) for merchants and drivers at carport.

In a basic term, Sanwopay, intend to fabricate monetary assistance emotionally supportive network for independent ventures zeroing in on business transport driver and retailer, to help the get installment for labor and products, send, save, pull out and furthermore get advance. Every one of those are done consistently with leaving their park, shop or commercial center.

Absent a lot of ado, how about we jump to the essential explanation of this page. In this article, I will impart to you how to become sanwopay specialist.

The most effective method to become Sanwopay Agent

  1. Download Sanwopay App by means of Google Play store or Apple App Store
  2. Or then again go to specialist web-address
  3. Peruse and acknowledge the agreements.
  4. Look down the page and press 'become a specialist'
  5. Follow the following screen to finish your representative enlistment.

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