Chipper Cash – Company Profile And Review


Chipper Cash – Company Profile And Review

In this article, you will learn everything about Chipper cash such as; 
  1. Is Chipper cash legal
  2. How does Chipper cash works
  3. Chipper cash Countries and offices
  4. Chipper cash free 250
  5. Chipper cash founder
  6. Does Chipper cash work in the USA
  7. Chipper cash South Africa
  8. Chipper cash verification
  9. Where to get Chipper cash app and apk
  10. Is linking BVN safe with Chipper Cash
  11. Benefits of using chipper cash
  12. Does chipper cash give out loan?
  13. How to add cash to your chipper cash wallet
  14. Why add cash features disabled in chipper cash app
  15. How to cash out from chipper cash
  16. Refund on chipper cash?
  17. Experiencing cash out delay?
  18. Refund on cash out?
  19. Sending and requesting money
  20. Paid the wrong person
  21. I haven’t receive my airtime purchase
  22. How to link my mobile money/bank
  23. How to verify my account
  24. What countries can I send To?
Basically, this article talk best about some faqs that people search about Chipper cash.

Chipper Cash Reviews and FAQS

Chipper cash is a borderless payment options for Africa countries and in the United Kingdom as well. Enjoy fast and easy transfer and lowest cross border rate.

Is Chipper Cash Legal?

Yes, Chipper cash is very legal and legit. Aside the fact that I use Chipper cash for my international transactions, your payment information and personal data are encrypted to protect you against an authorized activities and provide a safe platform for you to send and receive cash.

How does Chipper cash works?

Chipper cash app works in many ways depending on what you want to use it for such as;
  • To send money within Africa and Uk
  • Pay utilities bill
  • Buy airtime and data
  • Save and invest
Meanwhile, Chipper cash is a cross border mobile money app that works across Africa and now in UK. With Chipper cash, You can send and receive money instantly. Some features in the app makes me fall in love with it are; investment, activities, earn, buy airtime, pay bills, add cash, request cash and send. These features are highlighted below….
  1. Activities – This feature show all the transactions performed in your Chipper cash account such as cash out receipt, receiving receipt, Bitcoin sold receipt etc
  2. Earn – This is a feature in Chipper cash that allow its user to refer their friends and relatives, they make money from the referee when the referee send minimum amount of 250 Nigeria money to another user. This activity will be recorded under earn feature.
  3.  Investment – Investment is place where you can invest your money to bitcoin and you can cash out any time you want. as we all know current situation of bitcoin now. How to invest in Chipper cash app will be tutor in this article.
  4. Request cash – this is where you ask people to pay you and you can request the amount you want. But is you can only request from another Chipper cash user airtime you purchase.
  5. Send – Send in chipper cash means, you can send money from your wallet to another chipper cash user through chipper cash tags.
  6. Add Cash – This feature allow you to add money from your local bank or mobile money app to your chipper cash wallet
As you can see now, Chipper cash works in many ways, only for you to choose the best part of it that is good for you.
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Countries where Chipper cash operate in and their offices

Chipper cash is available in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana, South Africa and Great British
Chipper cash headquarter – it was founded and located in San Francisco in 2018.
Nigeria office – Chipper cash has no physical location in Nigeria for now
Kenya office – N/A
Uganda office – N/A
Tanzania office – N/A
Rwanda office – N/A
South Africa office – N/A
Ghana office – N/A
London office – Kemp house, 152 city road, London, United Kingdom.
San Francisco office – 814 Mission St. San Francisco, California 94108, United State of America [USA].

Chipper cash free 250

This simply means chipper cash referrer and earning. You will earn 250 Naira for every referral.
How to earn 250 Naira on Chipper cash
  1. Login to your chipper cash account/app
  2. Go-to earn tab and copy your referral code
  3. or copy your referral link
  4. Share it with your referee
When your referee sign up through your link or input your codes after sign up, your will be rewarded 250 Naira after confirmation.
Note : Your referee must send minimum of 250 Naira to another chipper cash user using chipper-cash-tag.

Benefits of using Chipper cash app

There are a lot of benefit in using Chipper cash as your mobile money payment methods.
  1. With Chipper cash, you can send and receive money from any countries where Chipper cash is available
  2. Chipper cash is now in UK, which means you can send and receive money from United Kindom.
  3. Chipper cash allow its user to save and invest in crypot(btc) 
  4. Chipper cash gives its user local bank account number to receive payment from people outside Chipper cash and within your country
  5. with Chipper cash, you can pay your utility bills and buy airtime 
  6. exclusive features are available in Chipper cash like send, request, add cash etc.
  7. Instant cash out
  8. You can check rate of countries currency in which they operate in
  9. You can control your notifications and security settings
  10. Hide balance feature is available
  11. push notification and sms is allowed

Does Chipper cash gives out loan?

Sorry! Chipper cash does not offer loans or lend user money
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How to add cash to your Chipper cash wallet

There are two ways in which you can add money to your chipper wallet, number 1 – through credit/debit card and secondly, through transfer from your local bank mobile money.

How to link credit/debit card to chipper cash account

  1. login to your chipper cash account
  2. click on the profile feature
  3. then click on add cash and enter your card details

How to add cash through mobile money/bank transfer

kindly copy the account number on your chipper cash profile and login to your mobile money app then make the transfer.
Note ; Money transfer sent to this account number will automatically top up your chipper cash wallet. so you can receive fund locally or from abroad.

Why “ADD CASH” disabled in Chipper cash

You may be seeing message like below one ”due to network issues, adding cash/cash out are temporarily disabled at the moment” This happened when there is network issues affecting there connection with their telecom operator partners.
So when the network issues is resolved, they will notify their user.

How to cash out from Chipper cash

  1. login to your Chipper cash dashboard
  2. click on ”MY CASH” at the top of the dashboard
  3. click on CASH OUT 
  4. select your payment method or add another payment method  
  5. Chose amount and cash it out
  6. Your transaction will show in Activities

Does Chipper cash allow refund?

Sorry! Chipper cash does not support refund at the moment. Once you send money, its gone and it cannot be refund.

Experiencing cash out delay?

If by any chance you’re experiencing cash out delay, this can happen due to Network problem from their technical terms or network issues from your local bank.

How does Sending and Requesting money on Chipper cash works?

As I said earlier, you can only send and request money from only Chipper cash user and not from anyone out side Chipper cash.
  1. login to your Chipper cash dashboard
  2. click on send or request and enter the Chipper cash tag in which you wanna send or request from.
  3. then enter amount you want to send or request
  4. then click enter to perform the transaction

What if I paid the wrong person?

If you paid the wrong person, you can simply ask the person to send you back the money. Chipper cash does not support refund

I haven’t received my Airtime purchase

If you buy airtime on Chipper cash and its successful but didn’t receive the credit, pls contact their support term on airtime purchase.
  1. login to your chipper cash account
  2. click on airtime purchase button 
  3. select ”Report a problem”. an automated message sent them 

How to link my mobile money/local bank account to my Chipper cash account?

Linking mobile money and your local bank account to your Chipper account means you can cash out and add cash to your chipper cash wallet with ease.
  1. login to your Chipper account dashboard
  2. click on payment method with the profile menu
  3. click add payment method
  4. select your bank( only available to user in Nigeria and South Africa)
  5. enter your relevant account number
  6. Account linking should be completed

How to get verified Chipper cash account

To get verified on Chipper cash, you have to provide valid document and have good connection to get you through the process.
  1. login to your Chipper cash dashboard
  2. click on profile and scroll down the page
  3. At the very bottom of the page, you will see the option’ Get verified’
  4. select the ‘ begin verification’ and follow the next steps
You can verified your chipper account with National Id card, International passport and Alien Card(eg Voter’s card)
#step1. Complete your video selfie
#step2. Select document type
#step3. Confirm the photo of your ID
#step4. Confirm the number of your ID
#step5. Once done click ”complete”

Supported countries of Chipper cash [chipper cash countries]

These are the countries in which Chipper cash operate in, which simply means, these are the countries which you can send and receive money.
Below are the countries support by Chipper cash
  1.  Nigeria
  2. Ghana
  3. South Africa
  4. Uganda
  5. Kenya
  6. UK
  7. Tanzania

Chipper cash is a legal and legit mobile payment app with the ecosystem to provide financial support for countries in Africa. Chipper cash has extent it wings to Uk, Now with chipper cash, it will be easy to send and request money from UK in Nigeria.
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