9 Cheapest Countries to Live and Work

10 Cheapest Countries to Live and Work


In this article you are about to read, I have put my effort to write and educate you about the cheapest countries to live and work and life will be good here too. Go through this article just to see the countries am writing about and share when it interest you. The amount of money required to maintain a specific standard of life is known as the cost of living. Basics like housing, groceries, taxes, and healthcare are included in the cost of living. In some countries, the cost of living can be exceedingly high, particularly in the areas around big cities. For instance, while living expenses are very expensive in American cities like New York and San Francisco, they may be far lower in rural areas like Mississippi, Kansas, or Oklahoma. Likewise, costs may be lower — or even higher — in another country, depending on where in the United States (or the world) one lives. Several nations have incredibly low cost of living, which might make them attractive to expatriates, retirees, and other persons wanting to save money.

1. Vietnam

Any tourist on a tight budget who wants to live and work abroad without breaking the bank should consider Vietnam. It's one of the best and most economical places for foreigners to live. Vietnam is still somewhat of an unknown treasure when it comes to reasonably priced areas to live and explore, but there is still a lot to see and do there. Travelers looking for adventure, stunning landscapes to explore, and mouthwatering local cuisine should consider Vietnam.

The major cities are Ho Chi Minh City in the south, Hanoi, the capital of the country, in the north, and Da Nang in the center of the country. The majority of jobs will be in these cities. The Vietnamese Dong is currently valued at approximately VND23,000 to $1, making it one of the few currencies to depreciate against the US dollar in recent years.

2. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is without a doubt the most well-known country in Central America, and not just because it's one of the 9 cheapest places to live. Immediately, you will fall in love with this nation and its "Pura Vida" vibe thanks to its lush jungles, stunning beaches, and kind people. Also, living in Costa Rica is one of the most affordable countries for Americans, so you won't have to declare bankruptcy while dwelling and working there. The simplicity with which one may book inexpensive flights from the US adds to the appeal of traveling to Costa Rica. Although Costa Rica is more expensive than its neighbors Nicaragua and Guatemala, the higher wage more than makes up for this.

3. Bulgaria

Bulgaria may surprise you as one of the cheapest places to live and work, but bear with us. Consider living and working in Eastern Europe if the high expense of living in countries like France and Italy deters you from doing so. Bulgaria is one of the least costly countries in Europe to live in, and it has quickly grown popular with tourists. With countries like Greece, Turkey, and Romania just on your doorstep, Bulgaria's center location makes it the ideal place to explore the region on a small budget. With a history that dates back more than 8,000 years, Bulgaria offers a dynamic and diverse culture that you can visit during your free time. 

4. Mexico

Mexico, you rock! Although Mexico is often only a short flight away for Americans and Canadians, why venture further than necessary? Mexico has plenty to offer everyone. Imagine the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean, the Mayan ruins in the tropical forest, and the laid-back beach towns along the Pacific. Oh, and have we previously mentioned the food from the streets? With selections including tacos, tamales, ceviche, and aguas frescas, the cuisine is not only delectable but also reasonably priced. If you avoid tourist hotspots like Cancun or Playa del Carmen and go for more rural areas instead, like Merida or Guanajuato, you can live more cheaply than in Western cities. 

5. South Africa

Do you honestly want to work and live abroad but are worried that some words will be misunderstood? There are also several moderately priced English-speaking countries, like South Africa, which comes in at number five on our list of the best and most affordable locations to live, so you no longer need to be concerned. The cheapest country to live in that speaks English may be South Africa. The transition will be much easier because you won't need to take language classes and because most South African cities have high standards of living that are comparable to those of Western cities. This puts it in the running to be the country with the cheapest cost of living that speaks English! In addition to being the most southern country in Africa, it is also one of the world's most racially and culturally diverse countries. There are so many things to do in South Africa that you won't get bored, including zip lines, river rafting, and safaris.

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6. China

China might not be your first choice for working overseas, but it is still feasible to work there and make a very excellent income. Jobs are plentiful, and incomes are better than in many other Asian countries. The economy is also flourishing. Living in a large city like Shanghai or Beijing would undoubtedly cost more money, but the incomes would also be significantly higher. Because China is such a fascinating country to see, many work abroad programs will sponsor events and even offer free Mandarin classes. You might even learn a new language while there as a result. 

7. South Korea

Although South Korea isn't the most affordable place to work and live, it made this list because of the highly competitive earnings and the frequent inclusion of free housing in programs, which greatly lowers the cost of living. Given that South Korea is renowned as one of the best locations in the world for teaching English as a foreign language, teaching English is the natural career choice. Korea is a terrific place to work, vacation, and save money because of its nice people, world-class food, magnificent and diverse scenery, and sophisticated cities that compete with those in the US and Europe. 

8. Thailand

Thailand must be mentioned on any list of the best and most affordable nations in the world. Travelers from all over the world had already fallen in love with the Land of Smiles before the release of the film "The Beach." Even in populated areas like Bangkok and Chiang Mai, the cost of living is incredibly inexpensive. Beach resorts typically cost a little bit more, but they are still inexpensive when compared to other beach resorts throughout the globe.

Thailand is the ideal country to live and work because of its clean waters, rich culture, and mouthwatering cuisine. Thailand is also among the safest and least expensive countries to live in the world, which is the cherry on top.

9. Poland

Poland is another wonderful and reasonable alternative if you have your heart set on working and living in one of the most affordable nations in Europe. Poland, which is far less well-known than its neighbor Germany, is gradually developing into a popular destination for tourists and expatriates. At a fraction of the price of a vacation to Germany, the big towns of Warsaw and Krakow are relatively modern and have all the amenities available in the West. Teaching is an option, but there are also many lucrative professional service positions available. Poland is a popular travel destination, especially for EU members, as it is a member of the Schengen area and therefore visa-free.


Thanks fans for reading through this my article, i hope this countries am writing about is of interest to you to live and work. It will be great if you take a tour to one of this great countries and see how amazing it is to live there. Do well to share my article Thanks. 

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