How to remove background from an image on mobile phones, Mac or windows

How to remove Background from an
image on Mac

                   People do say removing of white backgrounds
on Mac is meant for those that are well trained and talented..Hell no

                   In this article I will show
you how you can easily remove background from any picture of your choice on Mac
without stress.

Part 1: Creative,
professional secured experienced software to remove background from Mac

          To clear your doubt , you can be a
professional background remover without being trained when using Markgo
background remover software….Is that not amazing?

background remover  software is available
on Mac operating system and other operating system including Windows…do not get
discouraged if using Mac.

Let’s discuss
some of the amazing features you would want to experience in Markgo background
remover software on Mac and other operating system.

Why you should use Markgo background

Ø It is AI(artificial intelligence)

Ø It is user friendly

Ø It requires no experience to work on

Ø No image quality lost after
processing the backgrounds

Ø The user interface
looks sleek without any complicated  options.

Ø One-click image
background remover

Follow the guidelines below for
one-click remover of background from your photo on Mac

Step 1: Visit Markgo background
removal software for Mac

           I know you would have been in haste to
download the software to check out the amazing features, to get that done, you
have to visit Markgo official website and download the software.


ÃClick on Filme Mac Version

à The setup will automatically
download on your pc

ÃAfter successful download, install
and launch the application.

Step 2: follow the procedures below
to remove background from your pictures in your installed MarkGo software

                             margo image remover.jpg

v Launch the application

v Click on Remove Image Background

Add the images you would want to
remove the backgrounds

 There are two ways to remove the

§  AI remover method

§  Manual method

Using AI Method

                   As a novice, Markgo integrated this
option to enable user remove background from photo with just a single click.

                   All you need to do is to add
the image you would want to remove the background, click on AI remover and
proceed to remove the image in just one click.

Using Manual Method

                   Manual method option is  a way to remove the background the way you
want , probably if you feel like not removing all the background of a picture,
then this option is best fit for you,

There are
two options in manual method which are
Brush and Eraser

                             The Brush tool

The Brush
tool is used to select the area you would want to remove the picture background

Eraser tool

The eraser
tool is used for fine-tuning the errors made by the brush tool when selecting
the background picture.

successfully picking out the background using the brush tool , click on REMOVE
, it will remove the selected background.

Part 2: How
to remove white background on MAC using PREVIEW

          Another way to remove background on
Mac operating system is using PREVIEW.

Preview is also one of the best software to remove your
picture background

Follow the steps below to remove background from any image on

Pros of using previews

ü It works on both desktop and mobile

ü It has a feature to extract a PDF
page as an image

ü It supports varieties of image

          CONs of Using Preview

is not user friendly

is not AI enable like Markgo

requires experienced user to work on

to remove text from videos

features is limited to just Hashtags

only supports Instagram and no other social media

Follow the guidelines below to remove
background from your picture using PREVIEW

Step 1: Download the software

                   To be able to remove your background
on Preview, you need to download the software. Visit Preview official website
and download the pro version of the software to have full access and features
of the software.



 preview official website.jpg 

Step 2: Using installed Preview to
remove background from yor picture

ÃLaunch the application

ÃAdd the images you would want to
remove it’s background

Step 3: How to use Instant Alpha tool

Instant Alpha tool is a tool in PREVIEW used to remove
background on selected part.

ÃClick on the Alpha tool

ÃSelect the area you would want to

ÃClick on delete.

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